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General Delivery Terms

The Property declares that it has received either electronically through the Alluxia website or in hand, a copy of these terms and conditions (Terms) of These Terms are essential to our agreement and will be relied upon by Alluxia. The Property’s authorised representative has read & agreed to these Terms.

Terms of the agreement

The Terms apply for 12 months from the date of this agreement but will automatically survive, unless cancelled or overridden by terms of a more recent date.

General Delivery Terms – (Terms)

Alluxia Pty Ltd ABN 37 153 460 096 with offices in Brisbane, QLD Australia (Alluxia) is the provider of an online reservations system facilitating accommodation bookings via (Website). Hotels, houses, apartments & their management/agents are hereafter referred to as ‘Property’.

Alluxia uses the following General Delivery Terms with respect to services delivered to the property.

  • 1. Information, liability and complaints:

    Information included on the website must comply with the formats and standards provided by Alluxia. The Property is responsible for uploading basic information onto Book Easy console which will be used to prepare the property profile on the Website. The information will be checked and accepted by the Property prior to publication on the website. The Property is then responsible for ensuring that the information remains correct and up-to-date, including cancellation and no-show policies. The Property will indemnify Alluxia in respect of each and every liability arising out of the infringement of copyrights, or other intellectual property rights and any claims by guests concerning erroneous or misleading and deceptive information about the Property on the Website or any other claims related to the services provided by the Property. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Alluxia excludes any and all liability in respect of the Property which is related to a (temporary) breakdown of the Website. Complaints made by guests are to be dealt with by the Property, at the Property’s expense without mediation by Alluxia. The Property will meet all of the requirements of, and its lawful obligations to customers, under the Australian Consumer Law.

  • 2. Translations, use of hotel information and prohibition of direct references:

    The Property is prohibited from:

    • a. Including telephone numbers or other direct references to the Property on the Website;

    • b. Referring to other booking agents, websites, hyperlinks to the property website or third parties in the Website information.

    Alluxia has the right to translate the information provided by the Property into other languages and to shorten or standardise the content. The Property waives any moral right or claim for breach of Copyright as a result of any change made by Alluxia. If Alluxia has any indication that the information on the Website is incorrect, Alluxia is entitled to exclude or adapt the information in its sole discretion.

  • 3. Images

    Images must be uploaded to the standards and sizes stipulated to ensure high quality presentation. The Property takes full responsibility for the representation being a true reflection of the Property.

  • 4. Authorisation by the Property:

    The Property grants an explicit authorisation to conclude agreements on behalf and for the account of the Property in relation to any bookings made via the Website. The Property is bound to accept the guest as a contractual party and to deal with the booking in compliance with all the information contained in the reservation, including any additional information or special requests made by the guest. An email sent by Alluxia to the property shall act as proof of receipt of the booking by the Property.

  • 5. Availability

    The Property commits to maintain accurate availability either directly in Bookeasy availability calendar or via their channel management system. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Website.

  • 6. Commission

    The Property will pay Alluxia a commission at 10 (ten) percent of the stayed room sales including the room rate and any other package inclusions loaded by the Property on the Website. The commission due will be calculated on the rates published on the Website and is payable within 14 days of the completion of the booking.

  • 7. Guarantee of the booking made by the guest

    Guarantee of the booking is based on the credit card details provided by the guest or the person responsible for the booking. Alluxia is responsible for the verification of the validity of the credit card details and that the credit limit covers the amount of the stay. The Property is responsible to arrange directly with the guest a credit card authorisation or bond prior to arrival for any incidentals and cover any potential damage incurred by the guest.

  • 8. Cancellations, no shows, amendments

    The Property is responsible for maintaining an accurate cancellation policy in Bookeasy and advise alluxia of any changes. Once a booking is fully confirmed, only the registered guest may cancel a booking. Cancellations and amendments to a booking must be made directly with Alluxia, not directly with the Property. In case of a no-show, in which a guest has not cancelled a booking, but does not make use of the stays booked, the guest will not be entitled to a refund. In the event of a no show Alluxia will process the full payment to the Property, less commission paid to Alluxia.

  • 9. Invoices and payment

    Full payment will be taken at time of reservation. Guest details will be provided at time of reservation to the Property. Alluxia will transfer the nett amount (ie. less 10% commission) to the bank account listed in the Property's Bookeasy console within 14 days of the guest's stay and email a remittance. It is the Property's responsibility to maintain accurate banking details and email address in their Bookeasy console to ensure a seamless payment process.

  • 10. Ranking

    The order in which properties are listed on the Website is determined by Alluxia and is automated. The sort order can be changed by the guest.

  • 11. Termination

    The Property and Alluxia may terminate this agreement at any time without reason given, on the giving of 14 (fourteen) days notice. Parties can not charge each other for any damage upon termination of the agreement. After termination, the Property must honour all bookings already pending. No refund on marketing fees will be offered if cancelled within the 12mth contract.

General Delivery Terms read & accepted

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