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Dark Mofo 2015


I asked, what on earth is Dark Mofo? A festival of all things morbid and punk rock is what I originally assumed, but it turns out Dark Mofo celebrates the old and newfangled through fire, rebirth and laser lights, served with a side of music, artwork and gastronomy. The return of this stygian (very dark) festival is set to reignite Hobart’s winter between 12th to 22nd June with its darker and weirder than ever program.

To continue its search into unchartered territory, Dark Mofo is set to feature an array of public artworks; host a 5 night Winter Feast inside a birds nest; and a projection of spellbinding films. This year’s promising lineup includes the Preatures, Anthony & the Johnsons and Gareth Liddiard. If a late night ceremonial death dance is your cup of tea, then Dark Mofo is the place to be! It’s an opportunity to push your boundaries and experiment by the means of dance, taste and culture.

As mentioned above, Dark Mofo’s Winter Feast is set to captivate our nation’s foodies as Bruny Island Cheese and Sirocco South are scheduled to make an appearance. It is an occasion to gorge on Tasmania’s finest food, experience pagan rituals and be entertained by Hobart’s eccentric performers.


Dark Mofo’s festivities lead up to Hobart’s longest evening which is celebrated through dusk to dawn performances and the notorious Nude Solstice Swim which surprisingly attracted more than 700 people last year!

Should you be interested in “turning to the dark side”, check out Dark Mofo’s website to find out particulars and purchase your tickets. While you’re at it, why not take a peek at Alluxia’s exclusive selection of Hobart accommodation? Whether you’re chasing a bush land experience, a contemporary den or a B&B, Alluxia has you covered.

We’d also encourage you to stay tuned as Alluxia’s founder, Sally Scott will be venturing to Hobart to get her “Mofo” on this June. Our Twitter and Instagram will ablaze with all things Dark Mofo!

Image Credit: The Guardian, The Aureview, Sydney Morning Herald, Dark Mofo and IG @dark_mofo

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