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Rum Revolution | Australia’s Best Rum Distilleries

Rum has had a wild and colourful history in Australia.

The Rum Rebellion of 1808 was Australia’s first and only military coup, named after Sydney’s illicit rum trade. Fast-forward to 1884 when the first license to distil spirits was issued to Queensland’s Beenleigh Distillery with the now iconic Bundaberg Distilling Company following in 1888.

The spirit is distilled from sugarcane by-products such as molasses, juice or syrup and can appear dark, golden, white or even spiced varieties. To legally be called rum in Australia, the liquid must be aged in wood for at least two years. Rum pops up on cocktail lists in popular variations such as mai tai, mojito and dark n stormy.

Despite its dark history, this rebellious spirit is experiencing a resurgence in cocktail bars and at these top distilleries across Australia.

Husk Distillers | The Tweed NSW 
While best known for its colour changing Ink Gin, Husk is a single estate distillery pioneering Australia’s only virgin cane rum from paddock to bottle on their family farm in Northern NSW. Husk’s unaged spirit is bottled as Pure Cane, which is rum in everything but name and its Spiced Bam Bam (aged for four years) sells out almost immediately when released. This distillery offers an impressive experience with tours, lunch, cocktails and good times.

Brix Distillers | Sydney NSW 
Another modern distillery is Brix; whose goal is to educate a new, more discerning audience to appreciate the qualities and subtleties of this spirit, inviting a new generation to discover this great spirit. Based in Surry Hills, this urban distillery invites visitors to tour, undertake rum spicing masterclass or dine on food inspired by South American and Caribbean flavours.

Jimmy Rum | Mornington Peninsula VIC 
If you tire of wine in the Mornington Peninsula, swing by Victoria’s first craft rum distillery. Thoroughly researched, founder James aka Jimmy visited over 70 distilleries across six countries to learn the craft – tough gig! Visitors to the Mornington Peninsula can visit the cocktail bar, a welcoming space within the working distillery. During these COVID times, the team at Jimmy Rum are offering home delivered and takeaway cocktails to get you through iso.

Adelaide Hills Distillery | Adelaide Hills SA
Established in 2014 by winemaker Sacha La Forgia whose passion for spirits resulted in the small batch gin success story that is 78˚ Classic Gin. The team have since expanded their product range to include other spirits including the Gunnery Australian Spiced featuring blends of Australian native ingredients with traditional spices. Taste it at Lot 100 a collective of forward-thinking food and craft beverage producers.

Lark Distillery | Hobart TAS 
Primarily known as a whisky distillery, Lark also produces premium spirits such as Quiet Cannon Rum aged in whisky barrels at Lark Distillery. Visitors can go behind the scenes at Tasmania’s oldest operating distillery. Situated on the Hobart waterfront, Lark Cellar Door and Whisky Bar offers visitors the opportunity to taste Tasmania’s finest spirits in a warm and inviting space.

Beenleigh Artisan Distillery | Brisbane QLD 
As Australia’s oldest operating distillery, rum lovers should make their way to soak up the history and rich heritage with an educational tour. There are a range of tours on offer including a craft your Own Rum & Distillery Tour and a food pairing experience with delicious chocolate.

Bundaberg Distilling Co | Bundaberg QLD 
A visit to Bundaberg is not complete without a tour and tasting at its iconic distiller. Visitors can enjoy a simple tour of the distillery or view the museum or for those with a stronger interest, try a Blend Your Own Experience Whichever you choose, it’s a fantastic, award-winning tourism experience.

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