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Top 5 Beach Reads


This summer, take some time to relax by the pool, in a hammock, or at the beach with these must-reads. What makes a good summer beach read? Turn-ability, that gripping, page turning plot and a book you just can't put down that has you recommending to friends before you've even finished the last page.

We've previously written our Top 5 summer reads and Top 5 winter reads and here's our Top 5 Beach Reads:

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner is an unforgettable and beautifully told story of the friendship between two boys growing up in Kabul. Raised in the same household, Amir and Hassan grow up in different worlds, their intertwined lives and their fates; reflect the eventual tragedy of the world around them. The Kite Runner is a novel about friendship, betrayal and redemption.

Room by Emma Donoghue

Room is home to five-year-old-Jack and his Ma and is the prison where she has been held for seven years but a growing boys curiosity cannot contain them much longer. Room is a tale at once shocking, riveting and exhilarating. This one had us gripped last summer & highly recommend.

Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay

Thomas Kilbride is a schizophrenic who spends his days on a Web site called Whirl360. He travels the world without ever leaving his bedroom and memorises the details of every street in every city. Then one day, he sees an image that looks like a woman being murdered in a window in New York City. Thomas’s brother, Ray, knows Thomas’s paranoia all too well. But if this time it’s real, both of them will have more to deal with than Thomas’s delusions. Intriguing and on our reading list!

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

Imagine that your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death. Imagine, too, that the letter contains his deepest, darkest secret—something with the potential to destroy not just the life you built together, but the lives of others as well. Imagine, then, that you stumble across that letter while your husband is still very much alive. . . . this is a gripping, thought-provoking novel about how well it is really possible to know our spouses—and, ultimately, ourselves. 

Almost French, Sarah Turnbull

A travel tale always makes for a great summer read and this one is a delightful, fresh twist on the travel memoir. It's the story of a chance meeting with a charming Frenchman while backpacking around Europe. Sarah changes her travel plans and visits Frédéric in Paris resulting in some spectacular cultural clashes. An entertaining read of a magical tour of the romantic and seductive French setting and culture.

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