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Do not disturb - one mama's rock star weekend

Saskia Moon defies mother guilt and escapes to Sydney for some "me time" and the rock star life at Ovolo Woolloomooloo.


It's been a while since I travelled by myself. I used to be on a plane every other week for most of my working life, but when I had my daughter the travel came to a shrieking halt.

But then I won a competition on Instagram – a stay in a Rock Star Suite at the luxurious Ovolo Woolloomooloo – surely a sign that it was time for this mumma to get out and about again! So - after checking my husband was ok to spend a weekend of quality time with his daughter - I booked my flights straight away.

As I pack my bag for a weekend of partying, catching up with friends and sleeping (Oh yes. Planning to do a lot of sleeping) I realise there is not much left of my jet setting wardrobe, either. Most of my clothes these days can best be described as "mum uniform". I find a few outfits that will have to do and promise myself to go shopping while in Sydney.

In the Virgin lounge my holiday begins. I enjoy the tea and cookies (why did I book a flight before the bar opens??) and read all of the magazines. The plane takes the scenic route so as we arrive with picture postcard perfect views of the harbour. Oh Sydney, how I have missed you!


I arrive at the hotel and after a very friendly welcome am escorted to my room – the ACDC suite. Which is an absolute stunner of a suite! I had seen photos of it online but I still wasn't prepared for how amazingly cool it is!

The first thing you notice after walking in past the very cool neon lighting on the wall (which reads "You shook me all night long") is that there is a private bar! Not a mini-bar – an actual bar! Stocked with big bottles of whiskey and gin! The fridge is filled with boutique beers, wines and soft drinks. All included in the room rate – or in my case: free! I feel slightly ridiculous having such a massive suite for little old me, but then I quickly get over that and pour myself a generous gin and tonic.


A friend who lives in Sydney comes over to check out my suite and joins me for the hotel's famous happy hour – free drinks and nibbles in the lobby bar. There's a great selection of beer and wines and the nibbles are just that – don't expect to fill up on them and skip dinner.

I take my friend on a tour of the suite including its most unique feature – a little curtained off room next to the entrance – when you open the curtain a spider web type hammock is revealed, filled with throw cushions and looking up at.....a mirrored ceiling. How very rock star! We giggle and take some very not sexy photos, then continue our tour of the room.

We both love the neon "fireplace" in the living room – and the Crosley record player. Records are provided, including of course a few ACDC ones. There's Apple TV too so you can play anything you like through the television.


The bathroom has a double shower, plenty of fancy toiletries (Biology skincare - for those, like me, interested in that type of thing) and my favourite: real vintage Playboys from the 70s.

The bedroom has a lovely vanity area where I love the wall art and furniture so much I wish I could take it home. That's frowned upon, but there's so many things you CAN take home at Ovolo Woolloomooloo: the usual hotel amenities but also a cool canvas welcome bag with snacks and treats for your stay, and even a yoga mat!


After a restful sleep in the super comfy bed another friend joins me for breakfast. Included in the room rate is the continental buffet, and this is so substantial you really do not need to order any of the hot dishes – but you'd be a fool to miss out! I ordered the Middle Eastern eggs and they were delicious.

I spent a fabulous two nights at the hotel and returned to my real life well rested and with a lot more luggage than I came with (Oxford Street shopping was VERY successful plus I may have taken those bottles of booze from my bar ☺).
I miss my rock star life already! At least I will always have my rock star selfie to look back on.


Live the rock star life at Ovolo Woolloomooloo, browse and book online with no fees at alluxia.

Saskia was a guest and prize winner at Ovolo Woolloomooloo.
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