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Christmas Dessert with Stefano Manfredi

Christmas is all about celebration, and the Italian's celebrate with Prosecco! Here and here we shared recipes for entree of Roast Tomatoes with Buffalo Mozzarella and basil pesto followed by Roast Duck with Aged Balsamic. Now the pièce de résistance a deliciously delicate Goat's milk panna cotta with fresh and dried mango salad and Prosecco Jelly. This light and bright dessert is just perfect for the Australian summertime.  Thanks to Stefano Manfredi and Bells at Killcare for sharing this beautiful Christmas menu with alluxia. Enjoy!


Goat’s milk panna cotta with fresh and dried mango salad and Prosecco Jelly

Makes 7 dariole moulds


375ml cream

90g sugar

50g caster sugar

½ vanilla bean, seeds scraped

3 “titanium” 5g gelatine leaves, soaked in 1 tbsp cold water

375ml goat’s milk, cold

3 mangoes, cut into small chunks

½ cup dried mango, finely julienned


Prosecco Jelly

50ml water

750ml prosecco

1 tsp sugar

3 “titanium” 5g gelatine leaves

Bring cream, sugar, caster sugar and vanilla seeds to a simmer in a saucepan stirring so sugar dissolves.

Stir in gelatine. Add goats milk. Strain liquid into a jug, then pour into moulds and refrigerate overnight. To make prosecco jelly, bring water, prosecco and sugar to the boil. Add gelatine and allow to dissolve. Pour liquid into a container, leave overnight to set.

Turn panna cotta out onto plates, one mould for each plate. Place fresh mango around panna cotta and sprinkle with dried mango.

With a fork break down processo jelly and spoon over fruit. Serve.


If you're looking for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, check out Stefano Manfredi's Italian Food or book a getaway at Bells at Killcare.




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