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What's Hot in 2015!

Looking for some travel inspiration? We asked our favourite travel journalists and writers for their tips for what's hot in 2015:


Georgia Rickard, Editor - Australian Traveller

Forget flying: the road trip is having a moment. It’s part of the ‘slow travel’ movement which, just like the slow food movement before it, is a response to the mindlessness of today’s travel culture – a backlash against mass-produced resorts, holiday McMeals, erosion of local culture and the plane trips that take you from A to B without any contextual appreciation. This kind of road tripping isn’t about burning down the freeway, though: it’s about taking the back roads. Stopping at that small village. Striking up conversations. And celebrating the uncomplicated pleasures that made you want to travel in the first place. We’re all for it. Read more of Georgia's hot tips on Australian Traveller.

David Prior, Internationally published food and travel writer

I spent more time in Australia in 2014 than I have in any year of the past ten. Two regions stayed with me and I think they merit more international attention for their unique offerings. The first, Northern NSW is no secret but there has been more compelling reasons to visit. The second is South Australia's sparsely populated and rarely visited Flinders Ranges, a place whose landscape actually warrants the overused descriptor 'breathtaking'. To be honest, i don't follow trends, my work is less about predicting where people are booking and more about pointing to where I think deserves attention and why. Read more of our conversation with David Prior here


Winsor Dobbin, Wine, Food & Travel Journalist

In 2015, travellers will be paying more and more attention to location. With people time poor they will be looking to stay in accommodation that is right where they want to be, whether that be on the beach, in a vineyard, or in a city. People no longer want to waste time commuting on their holiday; they want maximum time to do the activities they have earmarked and maximum time to chill out.

I see free wi-fi as becoming an essential at every accommodation provider, whether that be a hotel or a house rental. Free wi-fi is now standard in most countries in the world and widely-travelled Australians are not willing to be ripped off by ridiculous charges. 

Angela Saurine, freelance travel writer

I think Canberra is going to be a bit of a hot spot in 2015. A lot of cool hotels have opened or reopened there after refurbishments, including the Hotel Kurrajong most recently and the QT and Hotel Hotel before that.  There will be more interest in war history this year with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, and there are brilliant exhibitions coming up. There are also some great festivals, such as the Balloon Spectacular hot air balloon festival in March and Floriade in September and October, which seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year. The city just seems to have upped the ante all-round.


Craig Tansley, freelance travel journalist

For a number of reasons - from the dropping Australian dollar to the December Air Asia crash - domestic tourism will continue to rise in 2015. We want to see our own backyard, and I think this year will see us digging a little further into the dirt... into places we might have neglected in the past - Western Australia (beyond just Perth and Margaret River), Tasmania and Queensland beyond the reef. Emphasis will be on real experiences, so last year's shift away from polish towards grit will continue - give us a gourmet meal on the verandah of an Aussie homestead over fumbling with silverware in our finest in a pretentious restaurant. 2015 will be the year of simplicity - but stylish simplicity, we still want our creature comforts, it just has to look like they didn't try even though we know they did.

Liz Bond - Editor - This Magnificent Life

More and more Aussies will take green credentials into account when choosing a resort or hotel. Leaders in the field like Melbourne’s carbon neutral Alto Hotel, powered completely by renewable sources will become less of a novelty this year.

2015 will see the increasing use of community or social based apps like Grawler and AroundMe – that give you the low down on your present location – sort of an up to the minute 21st century Lonely Planet guide.


Jaharn Giles, Editor - Mister Weekender

One of the trends we'll see in 2015 is the rise of adventure holidays. The tide is turning as travellers seek more action and adventure on their holidays. They're looking for adventurous treks in Nepal, sky diving experiences in New Zealand, camel back riding in Egypt and deep sea diving in Fiji. Accommodation providers are also seeing this spike in adventure holidays and are tailoring their rooms and packages to suit this. From glamping to outdoor bathtubs to seaplanes, accommodation providers are stepping up their offering to suit these adventurists. 

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