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How to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points Fast


Excitedly, I just booked flights to the USA, proud that I'd secured a good price and remembered to book flights on the right fare code to allow upgrades with frequent flyer points.

I've made that rookie error before, where the travel agent assumes you want the cheapest flight, which isn't necessarily upgradable, relegating you to economy with no hope of an upgrade to the pointy end.

So, there I was feeling smug, that I'd secured the right fare code until I logged in to Qantas to discover that....I didn't even have enough frequent flyer points for a single upgrade! Whaaaat!

Somewhere along the line, I'd used most of my points and not accumulated enough since to cover the whopping increase in points required for a simple upgrade from Brisbane to Los Angeles (90,000 points).


Which means, I have less than 12 weeks to accumulate 140,602 points to upgrade to Business Class. Panicked, I immediately impulse bought a dozen bottles of Margan Estate wine via Qantas Epicure to score 15,000 points! It wasn't a bad purchase, as the 2014 vintage in the Hunter Valley was a stellar year, but still, rather drastic!

So, dear readers, hit me up with your best travel hacks for accumulating Qantas frequent flyer points fast! It happens to the best of us, even the most savvy of travellers, so I'll share my hacks and learnings here on my quest to secure those elusive upgrades and hope it helps you too.

Share your frequent flyer secrets and travel hacks below, I'd love to hear from you.

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