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It Pays to be Good with Reverse Reviews


Are you naughty or nice? Let the Art Series Hotel Group decide, as they have turned the tables on their guests! It’s their turn to review guest’s behavior in true TripAdvisor style. Guests staying at any of the 6 Art Series Hotels in and around Victoria or Adelaide can choose to participate in this program between 17th April and 31st May.

The purpose of the Reverse Reviews is to see if the airing of ones “dirty laundry” can deter those nudists or crabby individuals from affecting staff and other guests. It’s also an opportunity to find out who is the ideal guest and to recognize and compensate good behavior.

For those goody two shoes attaining a 4 or 5, you have the prospect of scoring a complimentary stay, dining experience or an upgrade. According to Art Series marketing director, “more than 60% of [their] penthouse stays are already deriving from upgrades and comps.” See, it does pay to be nice! Should you be striving for that extra star, keep your dirty towels in a pile and opt to have your linens changed on a less frequent basis. Essentially, don’t make a mess and turn that frown upside down.


We took a peek at the Art Series reviews so far and they are both entertaining and eye opening. As a result we’ve captured a snippet or 2 of our favourites below:

Andrew, The Larwill ☆☆☆☆

“…Andrew’s wife rolls in at reception and tells us that Andrew likes to be called Mr. Stud, then we sit up and take notice…the pair were casually dressed-no need to flaunt it, Mr. Stud, we understand, you need to conserve that magic-and left their towels in the bath for housekeeping. Those very same towels we now have on display in the lobby for all to see, emitting in their intoxicating musk for lovers of the future to absorb and grow.”

Jang, The Olsen ☆☆ + ½

“Last minute booking. High floor. Tall. Black t-shirt. Not very friendly at first but warmed up quickly. Does that not sound exactly like Batman? Secret’s safe with us Jang!”

Nicholas (AKA Soft drink representative), The Watson ☆

“…Meanwhile, that room is left housing an old pizza box, rubbish all over floor, couch, and kitchen bench, a dirty glass on the bedside table and the distinct tang of Rexona in the air. Purely hypothetically, one must deduce that perhaps there comes a time when one must no longer treat their grown up room like their childhood room, soft drink or not.”  

If you’re game enough to opt in, why not organise your Reverse Reviews experiment with Alluxia? Book with no booking fees of course at our collection of Art Series Hotels including: The Olsen, The Blackman, The Cullen, The Larwill Studio, The Schaller Studio, The Watson   

Image Credit: Lucas Allen and the Art Series Hotel Group 

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