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The Carrington Hotel Katoomba Review

The Carrington Hotel in Katoomba stands as a timeless testament to a bygone era of opulence and grandeur.

Welcoming guests since 1883, the historic establishment has witnessed countless stories unfold within its magnificent walls. Even my own parents, fatefully met and fell in love at The Carrington!

As a guest of this iconic hotel, I recently embarked on a captivating journey through time, immersing us in the rich history and undeniable charm that permeates every aspect of this majestic establishment. From the moment you arrive, guests are transported to a world where elegance and refinement reigned supreme. It’s this immersive experience that keeps guests returning year after year, eager to create their own cherished memories at The Carrington.

First Impressions of Carrington Hotel
There’s no grander arrival than driving up the curved driveway, the iconic hotel slowly revealing itself beyond the foliage and looming large above you. The imposing architecture harks back to an era of opulence and grandeur, instantly transporting you to a different world. Stepping into the hotel, you can’t help but be captivated by the sense of history and charm that permeates every corner, setting the stage for a truly memorable stay.

Rooms at Carrington Hotel
While the rooms at The Carrington Hotel maintain the charm of a bygone era, a refresh wouldn’t go amiss. However, the spaciousness and comfort of the rooms, coupled with the hotel’s central location in Katoomba make up for the minor imperfections. Our Premier View Room, decked out in rich blues and gold, was well appointed with modern amenities like a mini-fridge, Wi-Fi and a TV. The ensuite featured a corner spa bath, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a day of sightseeing. The upgrade to a room with views over the Katoomba township and the distant blue-tinged mountains is worth the investment.

The hotel’s original lift, refurbished and modernised, adds a touch of character with its manual cage style doors, making it easy to access the upper floors. For those who want to truly immerse themselves in history, the sweeping staircase evokes a sense of retracing the steps of historical figures and royalty.

It’s worth noting that due to the heritage nature of The Carrington, no two rooms are alike, even within the same category. This adds to the unique character and charm that emanates from the iconic hotel.

Drinking & Dining at Carrington Hotel
The Carrington Hotel has plenty of clandestine corners to sip and savour the finest libations. Whether you fancy a classic cocktail in Champagne Charlie’s, Katoomba’s oldest cocktail bar, or a relaxed meal in the casual Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie, there’s a spot to suit every mood.

Breakfast, served in the Grand Dining Room, provides a grand setting, but if falls a bit short in creating the expected ambiance. The breakfast spread, although simple, offers a decent variety of options. It was heart warming to hear the mix of accents in the dining room, a sign that international travel is rebounding after the quieter years of the pandemic.

To sample some of the region’s finest delights, don’t miss venturing into Carrington Cellars & Deli. Grab an espresso coffee and peruse the gourmet goodies, curated selection of wine and spirits as well as the hyper-local Katoomba Brewing Co brewed onsite.

The Carrington Hotel is dedicated to sustainability, as evidenced by the in-room recycling facilities provided for guests to minimise their environmental impact. Behind the scenes, the
hotel has implemented impressive policies to reduce waste and energy consumption. While there are a few areas of improvement, such as switching to more sustainable options for water bottles and bathroom amenities, The Carrington’s commitment to sustainability is commendable.

We arrived in style at The Carrington in a BMW iX3 electric vehicle (EV) hired from Sixt and were thrilled to find three Type 2 EV chargers in the secure car park, offering fast charging at no cost. This initiative showcases the hotel’s willingness to embrace new environmental practices and cater to the growing number of eco-conscious travellers.

Stepping Out
Located on the bustling high street of Katoomba, the Carrington Hotel enjoys a prime location for exploring the town and its attractions with ease. Adjacent to the hotel, you’ll find the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre including the beautifully modern Blue Mountains City Art Gallery. The Gallery hosts major touring exhibitions as well as regional and local showcases. During my visit, I had the pleasure of experiencing the touring Archibald Prize exhibition, a rare treat without the usual crowds found in city galleries.

Moreover, just across the road from The Carrington, the fabulous Tempus restaurant entices guests with its warm ambiance and modern, creative cuisine. Whether for a morning caffeine hit, or evening meal, day or night Tempus is a must-visit dining destination for any discerning food lover.


The Verdict
The Carrington Hotel seamlessly blends modern comforts with its rich historic surroundings, creating a truly unique experience in the heart of Katoomba. Its prime location makes it the ideal base for exploring the natural wonders and cultural offerings of the Blue Mountains.

The Carrington Hotel, Blue Mountains
15-47 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780
Book The Carrington Hotel here.

The writer was a guest of The Carrington Hotel and Visit Blue Mountains
Main image credit: The Carrington Hotel, review images by Sally Scott
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