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World Wellness Weekend

Incorporate everyday wellness into your lifestyle for that year round holiday glow.

How we sleep, eat, move, relax and socialise, either keeps body and mind in a state of vitality or creates an imbalance with repercussions on our health.

On September 19 & 20, 2020 from sunrise in Fiji to sunset in Hawaii, be inspired and empowered to make healthier choices and enjoy an active lifestyle with family & friends with the World Wellness Weekend. The current health situation around the world reminds us how important it is to have a strong immune system.

The World Wellness Weekend showcases a series of free events across the globe including some inspiring local events from Peninsula Hot Springs who have a weekend itinerary of free online events including:

Saturday 19 September
6.14am – Welcome to the sun ritual including a sunrise smoking ceremony
6.30am – Guided meditation
9.00am – Get your body moving with a gentle morning yoga class
3.00pm – Discover wellbeing from the inside out by preparing nourishing snacks

Sunday 20 September
11.00am – Discussion on building resilience during challenging times
3.00pm – Take time out for a moment of self care and unwind with a blissful tea ceremony
8.00pm – Finish off the weekend with a peaceful yoga class to prepare for a restful night

How to get involved in the World Wellness Weekend? Check out the website for a virtual event that resonates with you or to tune in to Peninsula Hot Springs events, visit their Facebook or Instagram.

We’re committed to bringing you more wellness tourism options for your next holiday. What would you like to see more of? Nature based experiences, mental wellbeing and mindfulness or spa experiences? Pop your comments on our Facebook or Instagram.

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