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10 Essential Travel Packing Hacks


No matter the length of the trip – be it a weekend getaway or week long beach holiday, you'll need to pack a bag and you'll want to pack it right. Whether you're concerned about saving space or luggage size restrictions to comply with airlines, organising all your belongings can seem like an impossible feat.

Personally, we're a lover of packing light – its carry-on baggage all the way for the alluxia crew! We also travel frequently, so it's easy to pack quickly with these tips.

Here is our Top 10 Essential Travel Packing Hacks:

1. Packing List
We love a good packing list; it saves time and prevents you from forgetting everything from your mobile phone charger to reminding you to pack an umbrella if the forecast looks rainy.

2. Roll, don't fold
You've heard it all before and that's because it's true, rolling your clothes instead of folding saves on space and prevents clothes from wrinkling. A great trick is to do both. Roll the clothes you wish to keep wrinkle-free and fold the thicker items.

3. Bottom heavy
Try and pack the heaviest items closest to the wheels of your suitcase, that way the weight is distributed to the bottom and makes it easier to roll and avoids tipping over.

4. Champagne Stopper
Maybe I'm outing myself as a bit of wino here, but I like to travel with a Champagne stopper – hold the laughter please... Whether you're travelling to a city hotel and can't finish that welcome bottle of bubbly or heading to a wine region, it's a handy little inclusion! Trust me.


5. Bubble Wrap
It sounds silly, but pack bubble wrap in your suitcase for the things you'll undoubtedly buy on your trip, so they're safe in your luggage for the return journey. I cut to the chase and pack a wine skin – I know the fragile item I'm going to buy is going to be wine...

6. Capsule Wardrobe
Unless you're a serious fashionista, there's no need to pack an extensive wardrobe when you're travelling. Break it down to a capsule wardrobe – a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers and coats which can be augmented with seasonal pieces or "show pony" items as Styling You would say.

7. Air your dirty laundry
Travel with a mesh laundry bag. It helps separate dirty clothes from clean, keeps your clothes off the hotel floor and makes it handy if your apartment or holiday house has a laundry.

8. Check the website
Just before you pack, double check online the hotels inclusions. Does it have a DVD player? Pack some chick flicks for your holiday. Booked a room with a bath? Pack a refillable bottle with your favourite bubble bath. Resort has a pool? Don't forget your togs. Have a favourite tea? Pack a few sachets to enjoy a calming cup of tea before bed.

9. Choose the right hotel
Some hotels are super clever and offer lots of handy extras. Alex Perry Hotel, already a favourite with female traveller for offering exclusive designer toiletries, ghd styling tools, personal garment steamers and satin hangers, has recently introduced the "Girlfriends Handbag" a stash of essential items you might have forgotten. Think OPI Nail Polish, Tweezers, Footlets, Heel Shields, Party Feet, Blister Packs, Sanitary Items, Deodorant, Stockings, Hairspray, Lip Balm and more. These items are always stocked and available from the friendly guest services team – from Hollywood Tape to Bobby Pins, they've got you covered - how handy is that!


10. Luggage Scale
Since airlines have really cracked down on luggage weight, I often travel with a luggage scale, which really takes the guesswork out of whether or not your bag weighs too much. It helps you decide whether to sneak that extra item in or whether you need to pre-book an extra luggage allowance. I use a handheld luggage scale by Skylite, but there are plenty on the market.

Do you have some travel packing secrets you can share with our readers? I'd love to hear from you, leave your tips in the comments below!

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